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A bit of Information about JuSP

JUSP stands for Journal Usage Statistics Portal. This portal is very helpful for the libraries as it provides single point of access to usage statistics. That way the libraries can analyse different trends and check evidence in a very easy and simple way. The Journal Usage Statistics Portal is valuable because it saves libraries from duplicating their efforts and time. That means the libraries can spend more of their time on checking data analysis and less time on collecting data. One of the best parts about JUSP is that by proper collecting and later presenting of the usage data, libraries can better see the larger picture.

What Makes JUSP Beneficial

            There are many reasons that make JUSP beneficial for the libraries. First of all, they save valuable time. They can view the usage data in one place after it has been gathered into the library management system. There are many helpful analysis tools, so everything functions smoothly.

            Next, libraries can evaluate the bigger picture and draw valuable conclusions. There are wide range of different reports that are easy to read and understand. With these reports users can get information about database usage, platform usage, book usage and so on.

            Finally, JUSP helps in making valuable decisions about subscriptions, purchases, cancellations, substitutions and other things. This is because users will get a great insight into the trends and usage and will know which areas need improvement and which ones are good.

How JUSP Helps Suppliers and Publishers

            JUSP is great both for suppliers and publishers because it gives them peace of mind that their customers have direct access to reliable and very accurate data in best possible format. This portal becomes even more valuable every time new supplier or publisher joins, because the usage statistics also becomes more efficient and accurate. The Journal Usage Statistics Portal is fully designed for the library community and it fits in seamlessly with the workflow of the library, regardless of its size. The portal is community-based and it constantly gets improved, so stay tuned for new information about the developments in this area.

            If you want to learn more or stay informed about latest developments, it is advisable you get in touch with experts that have good knowledge about how the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) works. Truth is that any library would benefit a lot from such program, so consider all of its positive characteristics.