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The Judo Language

JUDO language has become very popular and that is for a good reason. It is an ideal program for beginner computer programmers that are looking for a quick and easy way to learn programming. With JUDO you can write computer programs and do many interesting things. Many teachers use JUDO program as helpful educational tool in their computer teaching classes. This program has proved to be very exciting for beginners and it lights up the people`s interest for programming. It is easy, simple and fun program to use, so if you have not tried it before – now is the perfect time for you to do so.

How Does It Work

            When you start programming in JUDO, the user`s code is inserted into .java file with data that handles Mouse Events, controls the window and listens for user`s keystrokes. In essence, JUDO code is a Java code, but with functions and options that are easier to use.

Main Difference between Java and JUDO

            If you are just starting to experiment with computer programming, then you must be wondering what the main difference between Java and JUDO is. Well, the main difference is in the fact that Java is a computer programming language and JUDO is a computer program. With Java you can write computer programs, but with JUDO you can write brand new programs. All you need to do is just type your program`s code into JUDO and then run the program. JUDO is great program because it uses a simpler version of Java. When you are writing programs in JUDO, you do not have to write complete Java programs. With JUDO you can learn quickly and do things much faster.

Why Learn JUDO

            Learning JUDO language in coding can be very rewarding, exciting and fun activity. You can do some amazing stuff with your computer even if you do not have any programming skills at the moment. There are plenty of helpful things you can do by writing programs in JUDO language. For example, you can write some nice animations or attractive games. You can paint different shapes in many nice colours and move them with the help of your keyboard, touchpad or mouse.  You can also make the computer calculate different things for you or have your computer ask someone else to type a question and then answer it. Truth is that there are dozens of great things you can do with JUDO.

What is Judo Coding?

Many people find learning a new programming language very overwhelming and challenging thing to do. Most programming languages are loaded with difficult functions, tough options and buttons that can be understood well only by the most experienced coders. There are not many coding languages designed for beginners, which is why beginner programmers avoid learning to code. However, JUDO coding has revolutionized the world of programming because it uses simplified IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, with plenty of helpful tutorials and basic functions. JUDO is Java-based program that is ideal for beginners because with JUDO you can easily understand how all objects are built within the program.

What Can You Do With JUDO

            With JUDO you can easily write code and compile it in good way so you can create functions, options and objects. JUDO coding is used for making all kinds of things, like creating tools, drawings, animations or games. One of the best things about JUDO is that it is not loaded with complex options or buttons that are hard to understand. On the contrary, you can create everything easily and simply if you just follow the tutorials. Even if you happen to make a mistake, you will get a report about the error in the compiler window. There you can easily check whether there are any warnings, errors or mistypes in the compiled code.

            JUDO comes with several pre-compiled methods and functions, about which you can learn more if you open the tutorials. Use them for fast learning because they are very helpful. A very good feature inside JUDO is the so-called jump to line tool. You can use this feature to quickly jump to a line that contains some mistyped characters or other errors.

            JUDO comes with very reliable and fast Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It lets you easily learn the ways in which programming languages operate and what are the main principles behind each and every line of code. Best thing about JUDO is that with it you can create anything you can imagine. There are no limitations whatsoever, so no matter if you are interested in creating some new game, animation, drawing, or a math algorithm – everything is possible with JUDO. Once again, just follow the integrated tutorials and you will see how easy to use this program is. Now when you know the basics it is time for you to make things in JUDO.