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RunExeSvc -- Run Any Program as a Windows NT4/2000/XP Service

RunExeSvc is a free utility that runs any Windows executables, mostly server programs, as Windows NT services. It features:

  • Runs any executable programs on Windows NT4/2000/XP.
  • Can specify start up directory and run-time environment variables. System environment variables can be inherited, and variable names can be used in other variable definitions.
  • Has debugging support; user can see the run-time environment at run time before the executable is launched.
  • A user-friendly GUI admin tool provides no-brainer set up.

For details, see the User's Guide. Essentially, this utility includes a service runner, called RunExeSvc.exe, and an admin tool RunExeSvcAdmin.exe. RunExeSvc.exe works behind the scene; it is a generic NT service program that runs your executable. RunExeSvcAdmin.exe is a GUI program to configure your services. All you have to do is to provide a service name and a start-up script. The following is a sample script that runs a Java web server. This script is available when click on the "Sample" button in the admin tool.

# A sample script

# when debug=true, RunExeSvc.exe will show all variables first debug=false
# this is the service's current directory home=e:judoscript
# The original system classpath and JAVA_HOME should be valid! classpath=$classpath$;$home$judo.jar
# This service is a java web server with default configuration cmdline=$JAVA_HOME$injavaw.exe judo http_server.judo

See User's Guide for details.

Download RunExeSvc for Windows NT4 or 2000/XP

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