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Book: The Judo Language 0.9



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In this chapter:

Chapter 25. SGML and JSP Scraping

By James Jianbo Huang

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Synopsis: Judo includes a built-in SGML parser and provides the do .. as sgml and do .. as jsp event-driven statements that are very handy for scraping HTML and JSP pages, build custom SGML sublanguages and set up template systems. Each tag is denoted as an event, and you as a programmer provides code for each tag. The tags also include TEXT and special tags such as <!>, etc. In the handler code, the $_ variable will hold the tag object, which may have attributes. SGML (including XML) documents are great to separate content and their presentation, and the Judo SGML statement is a very convenient way to implement SGML document transformers.

SGML/HTML Scraping Made Easy   to be done

SGML Scripting Versus XML Scripting   to be done

JSP Scraping and Build Template Systems   to be done

Develop Your Own Tag System for Information Organization   to be done

Case Study: An SGML-Based Documentation System   to be done

Planning for SGML-Based Documentation

Develop An SGML-Based Documentation System

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