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Book: The Judo Language 0.9



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In this chapter:

Chapter 14. Print, File I/O and In-Script Data

By James Jianbo Huang

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Print and Formatting   to be finished


The println statement must be the most used statement in this book or basically any scripting language books. Judo has three print statements, print, println and flush. They can all write texts to the system output streams, to an open text file or any textural output stream such as an internet connection. The flush command is exactly like print and it also flushes the output stream. The println prints the content and a new-line, and also flushes.


Print Into Variables

Using System Input and Output Streams

Read and Write Binary Files   to be done

Read and Write Binary Files Sequentially

Random Access Files

Read and Write Files Within Zip Files   to be done

In-Script Data   to be done

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