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Book: The Judo Language 0.9



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Chapter 19. Java GUI Scripting

By James Jianbo Huang

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Synopsis: One of the uses of Judo's Java scripting is to build Java GUI programs, either AWT, Swing or SWT based. In addition to the Java-only way to build Java GUIs, Judo provides a special GUI event handling statement, guiEvent, that is an event-driven statement. An event from a GUI component is denoted as a colon-separated tuple, and you as a programmer supply the handling code. The event object is stored in the $_ variable, which is of different type depending on the event.

Not done yet. For now, please read this article.

Create AWT and Swing GUIs   to be done

Handle GUI Events   to be done

Handle GUI Events for Multiple Controls   to be done

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